What does BBQ Falcon taste like? Gator? Bearcat?

The Air Force Academy is coming to town Saturday (12 Noon, BTN) for the final non-conference game before Big Ten Football starts in earnest. So let’s get ready for the 2nd straight 12 noon kick-off with: BBQ!

Like our beloved Italian Beef tailgates, the hosts will be pre-ordering the “good stuff” from a local Ann Arbor favorite (though rumor on the street is that our very own Rachel is going to user her skillz to smoke the meat – her smoked meat is good!!). This means we NEED YOU to please sign up by Wednesday at 5 PM as to how many you have coming, and if you’ll be participating in the BBQ. We need to know numbers to place the order.

This week we will again go with a contribution of $10 per adult to cover chicken or pork BBQ meat, buns, sauces, water and coke, diet coke and sprite. That means you can bring the side dishes, cornbread, and desserts. So come up with your best BBQ side be – it Mac & Cheese, potato salad, green bean casserole, or some other great dish! We could also use awesome homemade desserts to complement the BBQ.

We need crockpots to keep food warm; if you can bring one please indicate so on the signup and we will let you know if we need you to bring one. Thank you.

There will be a keg contribution option for something from Atwater Brewery. There is also the option to contribute to the community cooler and partake from there. Remember, if you do not put into the community beer cooler, you should not take out. There is no free beer 😉 I mean at least we have the keg – in heaven there isn’t even beer!

To help make the tailgates more walking-friendly the hosts are providing more food / supplies each week (that can be brought in with the cars and parking passes); contributions to the tailgate fund are welcome and easy for you to carry in!

Please surf over to the sign up sheet soon and sign up before end of day Wednesday!!

Pass the Bearcat, I need it to wash down the Gator.

And so it begins.  It is finally here, game week! We have been busy cleaning off the dust and cleaning the tailgating equipment and are ready for the Michigan Football season home opener! Now all we need is you!

As has been tradition, our season kick-off tailgate will be burger, brats and dogs. We continue our process of taking care of the main dish along with water and soda.

As always, our tailgates are BYOB.  We plan to again have a keg for those who wish to participate.  So please do use the signup sheet to let everyone know that 1) you are coming to the tailgate and 2) what you’ll be bringing. Please ask one of the hosts if you need the password.  Previous attendees will likely be able to figure it out again this year.

For those who would like to use paypal or other methods to send money in advance just let one of the hosts know.

Go Blue!