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Though it is easy to get to Rutgers, that place sure doesn’t feel or look or act for that matter like a Big Ten Town. Must be all the TVs in the area.

OK, now it’s time to focus on UM’s first Big Ten Night Game. Michigan vs. Penn State at 7 PM at The Big House!! We all remember last year’s excruciating loss to Penn State in Happy Valley – lets hope the Maize and Blue can bounce back and get the W on Saturday.

If you missed seeing our youngest tailgater, Makena will be back this Saturday as will the famous Chicago Beef Sandwiches!!

Michigan Stadium at Sunrise from the tailgate location.
Michigan Stadium at Sunrise from the tailgate location.\

As is the norm, please go to our Penn State¬†Tailgate page¬†and let us know if you are coming, and if so please do make sure to sign up for an item on the list. The Tailgate page is password protected, and is new this year, so please do ask one of the “Hosts” for the password.

As always, if you have any questions, please do reach out to one of our hosts, or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

Go Blue!

Rich,Ken, Matt, Rachel, and Samantha

P.S. ESPN has decided to stop allowing public use of their API, so no more scoreboard on our site. If you know if a good scoreboard widget, please let us know so we can research.