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It’s Game Week!

With the Tigers tanking in the AL Central and the heat of summer about to fade into Fall our favorite time of year is about to kick off! Saturday, August 30th our Meeechigan Wolverines start the 2014 Football season at 12 noon vs. an all to memorable opponent.

We all remember the embarrassment of #5 Michigan losing to I-AA Appalachian State during Lloyd Carr’s last season as UM’s head coach – wow that was Lloyd?? The good news: App State is now a member of the Sun Belt Conference and full I-A Football member (or FBS Team). The bad news? The last App State game was the last home opener I (Matt) didn’t attend. And you guessed it, I’m not coming back this year for this game either, oh crap.

Michigan Stadium at Sunrise from the tailgate location.
Michigan Stadium at Sunrise from the tailgate location.\

As is the norm, please go to our Appalachian State Tailgate page and let us know if you are coming, and if so please do make sure to sign up for an item on the list. The Tailgate page is password protected, and is new this year, so please do ask one of the “Hosts” for the password.

As always, if you have any questions, please do reach out to one of our hosts, or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

Go Blue!

Rich,Ken, Matt, Rachel, and Samantha