The Game 2015

It is here: The Game.

Ohio State comes to town winners of 23 of 24 games (or losers of their last game). The last time Ohio State lost 2 straight was in the 2013 season, when they lost to Michigan State (Big Ten Championship Game) and Clemson (Orange Bowl).  They then beat Navy and lost to Virginia Tech to start the 2014 season. 1-3 in a four game stretch seems unheard of for the Buckeyes as of late, but it really was not too long ago. Hopefully Saturday (12 noon Eastern at The Big House) Michigan continues the current losing streak for Ohio State.

As per tradition, the final tailgate of the season is our Chili Cook-Off. We’ll shovel out the snow, pop up the tents and get the heaters, grills and TVs ready to rock (after all, we may be very interested in that Penn State @ Michigan State game at 3:30 PM). Don’t let the Turkey slow you down as we do need you to sign up by Thursday night for our Tailgate Potluck. Click HERE for the link to our sign-up sheet.

Have a safe Thanksgiving and we’ll see you Saturday for The Game!

Go Blue!

Michigan v Rutgers – 3.30p kick

I got nominated to write this week’s blog post because I actually attended the scare-fest in Minnesota on Halloween. I tried to get out of writing the post because I wasn’t sure people wanted to hear about how I got a call from American Airlines at 6.15p CT Saturday that my 6a flight the next day was cancelled and I had to spend the 2nd quarter on the phone finding out how I was going to get us home in time for my son’s last football game, so we ended up on a 5a flight and got 3 hours of sleep. Or that my daughter fell on the chairs and smashed her face with about 4 minutes to go in the game and I was afraid she’d knocked out all of her teeth. Or that there was a deranged mentally unstable drugged out lady on the train after the game who verbally assaulted my dad and the kids and me with more expletives than I knew could be strung together in a sentence.

Or I could tell you how fun it was that TCF Stadium served beer. Or that my daughter didn’t lose any teeth. Or that my kids got to hold up the jug after the game. Or how rock-star-ish they were to handle the late game and early morning. My dad said it was lucky that the game was so scary because it built up a little immunity for the train ride.

It is hard to watch the game from the first row (I know, I know, #assistantequipmentmanagerswifeproblems) so I can’t really comment on the game. Except the kids had fun being up close and I’m glad the stadium had a big screen. I’m also glad we won. All winning streaks have to start somewhere.

So anyway…on to the next one – this Saturday is Rutgers at 3.30p. MGoTailgate is providing burgers and dogs this game – bring your burger toppings and gloves and we’ll see you Saturday. Signup is live now. Contact your hosts for the password.

Go Blue.

Michigan vs. Michigan State

Oh boy, does Michigan Football seem fun again!!! Three straight shutouts, and 2 over ranked opponents to boot. 1995 was the last time this happened at the FBS level and Michigan last did this in 1980. Dig even further to find that only 4 other times in NCAA D-1 History has a team shutout 2 AP-ranked opponents by 28-0 or more scores. And in thee of those four previous seasons, the victorious team won the National Championship, including the 1948 Wolverines.

Is Michigan this good?

As much as I love this defense and the level at which they are playing it is hard for me to see MSU becoming the 3rd AP-ranked shutout victim. But that would be AWESOME!

But I digress, this space is meant to talk about our TAILGATE and the menu that is on tap for our Little Brother’s visit this weekend!

The football game will begin at 3:30 PM, our tailgate will “open” for breakfast around 8:30 AM (please make sure to indicate on sign up sheet if you are coming this early). This week the theme is “Show and Tell.” After our outstanding annual Italian Beef sandwich tailgate last week we heard a lot of talk about your favorite sandwich fixings. You’ve told us, so now SHOW US your best sandwich.  Bring out your best pulled pork, sloppy joes, bbq chicken, tuna salad, spam or whatever sandwich fillings you can think up that would make Homer Simpson or Al Bundy jealous!  There may even be another visit from the Italian Beef.  We’ll fire back up the grill post game as well for burgers and hot dogs.

We are expecting a large turnout of this game and tailgate. So PLEASE make sure to sign up early for your entry into the Sandwich Fixings Show & Tell Tailgate.  Please CLICK HERE for access to our sign up sheet.

See you Saturday, GO BLUE!