The Game, 2017

Will it?

Be a game that is. I hope so. You hope so, we all (yes, even Ohio State) hopes it’s a game. The fact is, Michigan vs. Ohio State has brought us some awesome good football in years past. Just seems that 2 of the last epic games, 2006 and 2016 were both at the Horseshoe and both were Buckeye victories. I don’t like Buckeye victories.

Iowa put up 55 points on these Buckeyes a few weeks ago. Michigan has only scored 56 points this year combined vs. ranked teams (and that is 33 vs. Florida if you consider them ranked). So it is our time to win. Because we’ve seen the alternative, and it isn’t too much fun. But I know what is a ton of fun!!!

The annual last tailgate Chili Cook-off!

That’s right, the theme you’ve come to love and buy extra TP for (speaking of which, remember back when the students would liter the endzone with TP after UM touchdowns – those were the days). Get out your best recipe for venison chili, chicken chili, turkey chili, tofu chili you name it we want to try it! And try it all we do!

As has been the case all year – PLEASE sign up early on our Tailgate Sign Up Sheet for our pot-luck style tailgate.

Hey, it was 55 degrees today in Cedar Falls, IA – maybe, just maybe that is some good vibes form our Hawkeye family?


Protect the Little Brown Jug!

Michigan Football is drawing massive TV ratings so they deserve a prime time game right? Um, hello, it’s NOVEMBER!

Well, a night game means the lot will not open until noon. If you have ever joined us for setup early in the morning you know it takes us a while to get all the gear out and assembled. So we will try our best to get it up by 2 PM. As soon as we are ready we will put up the flags. If you would like to come help you are welcome to do so, but please keep the tent clear so we can quickly get things setup.

Here is the link to the signup sheet and as always we appreciate everyone signing up early so we can plan appropriately. For those who are new to the tailgate be sure to read the notes on the signup page.