Baby I’m coming home… 10/22/2016

With Illinois visiting the Big House this weekend, the excitement in Ann Arbor will be due to it being HOMECOMING 2016 and the ITALIAN BEEF at our MGoTailgate!

After a bye week last weekend (we scored enough points against Rutgers to earn a weekend off…), MGoTailgate is ready to impress with the annual Italian Beef tailgate. Weather forecasts are all over the place for this Saturday so I think it’s safe to say you should dress in layers. Trust me – I’m a mom; I know these things.

Anyway – back to the important stuff. $10/adult tailgater gets you the main course of Italian Beef and non-alcoholic drinks. Tailgaters are asked to supplement with side dishes and desserts. Dirty Blonde will be on tap again this week (see signup) and rumors are that Pina Coladas (and maybe even perhaps coconut milkshakes!) will be available under the big top.  

We ask that you sign up by noon Thursday to help us plan the importation of beef from Chicago.

Here is the signup link – let us know if you need the password —

Thank you and good day. 


ps – Kickoff is at noon for 10/29 game at MSU

Bring on the Badgers – October 1 – Wisco at Meeechigan 3.30p

Well that was a fun start to the Big 10 Season!

This week we welcome the Badgers from Wisconsin to the Big House for another 3:30 kickoff.

If Wisconsin is here then guess we have to serve brats (as in bratwursts, not Sam’s kids), right?  So join us for a traditional tailgate with beer boiled brats, dogs, and burgers, plus Metzgers famous German potato salad, and pierogies.  We are again going with a contribution of $10 per adult to cover the main food items, along with water, coke, diet coke and sprite. That means you bring the side dishes and desserts.  Looking forward to see who pulls off a cheese themed dish to amaze everyone!!

There will be a keg contribution option for something from Atwater Brewery. There is also the option to contribute to the community cooler and partake from there. Remember, if you do not put into the community beer cooler, you should not take out. There is no free beer I mean at least we have the keg – in heaven there isn’t even beer!

To help make the tailgates more walking-friendly the hosts are providing more food / supplies each week (that can be brought in with the cars and parking passes); contributions to the tailgate fund are welcome and easy for you to carry in!

Please click over to the sign up sheet soon and sign up before Thursday night!!

Go Blue!